Take your classroom from
Mainstream to Multicultural

Imagine your classroom buzzing with ideas, overflowing with exploration, and bursting with enthusiasm.

Create these experiences with multicultural education.  

Our newest training, Mainstream to Multicultural, will take you on a transformation journey, adding a multicultural twist to your content, teaching practices, and classroom environment. 

This course is designed for any grade level.

Mainstream to multicultural

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This step-by-step program teaches you how to level-up your multicultural education practices. The training includes 4 modules and a planner and guide to take action.

Start learning today! - $14.99

Module 1: What is Multicultural Education?
Module 2: The 5 Levels of Multicultural Education – which level are you and how can you level-up?
Module 3: How to Develop a Multicultural Mentality
Module 4: The 3 Parts of a Multicultural Biome (and how to build it)
✓ Bonus 1: An editable workbook to process your learning and set an action plan!
✓ Bonus 2: Sample activities to modify and use with your students!

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This course is right for you if...

→ You like the idea of multicultural education but are unsure how to start.

→ You are burnt out from constantly trying new approaches in your classroom and are searching for something better.

→ You understand the idea but need help with implementation.

→ You want to build a multicultural classroom where you and your students feel energized by the content. 


The course is available to you for as long as I can maintain it with the most updated information. 

The course has videos with closed captioning, readings, slides, and written assignments. 

I suggest 20-30 minutes per module to watch the video, read the information, and take action on the assignments. 

The answer will depend on the time you are willing to commit and the quality of information you seek. In this course, you won’t waste time reading subpar information or hopping from one article to the next trying to piece it all together. This will save you time and offer you the highest quality information. 

When I started implementing multicultural education into my teaching, I felt invigorated for the first time in awhile. I looked forward to teaching because it sparked creativity and curiosity in my classroom. I have condensed down the information as much as possible, so you only need to take bite-size steps to achieve your goal. 

Then this course is for you! This course begins with the basics of multicultural education and breaks down how to level-up your practice a little at a time. 

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Hey there friend,

I'm Annie

Annie Wilcox is a certified teacher, learning designer, and avid traveler.

By fusing her travels with her teaching experience, Annie has created a library of educational resources and professional development to bring multicultural education into over 3,000 classrooms.

Annie has taught students from over 50 countries and weaves the global knowledge she has acquired from over a decade of traveling and teaching into her work. She has her Master of Education in Language Education and a K-12 ESOL Certification for teaching English to speakers of other languages. She also holds a TQUK Level 5 TEFL Certification. She received her B.A. from St. Lawrence University in Political Science. 

Annie strives to bring cultural awareness into classrooms around the world and to design educational resources that cultivate global citizenship and peacebuilding in young people. She hopes to provide tools and resources to help young people tackle the world’s most pressing issues and live meaningful lives as members of the global community

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